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Why Golf? Why Verde? 

I’m often asked why I started Verde and well at first, I would say I don’t know I just wanted fun polos to wear. Then as I got deeper into Verde and started talking with some amazing minds I started to realize there’s more to why I started it then I even knew. So I sat down and thought about these two questions. Why Golf? Why Verde? And here is what came to mind, and what will be the guiding light for Verde.

I have met and had fun with so many people while playing golf, all of them different from me, whether it was race, age, gender, religious beliefs, political beliefs, opinions on current events, nationality or something else, we were different from each other and as we all know, today there is a lot of  tension surrounding these difference. But for me and nearly everyone I’ve ever played with on the golf course regardless of those differences when one of us got on the tee box and bombed a drive dead center down the fairway, we all celebrated. We high-fived, we did a little dance, we yelled “get in the hole” or “go tiger”. I thought this was just how I played golf but If you look into it more, its not just me or us amateur golfers that do this, if you’ve watched pro golf before and see someone hit a hole in one during a tournament what happens? The person they are playing against for what can be millions of dollars cracks a huge smile, screams for joy for them and celebrates with them.

I’ll never forget a guy I met from Newfoundland Canada. My uncle and I got paired with him and his buddy. I was having a bad round and getting a little annoyed. I was going to layup on a shot he believed I could make, so he yelled out “Layup? We ain’t here for a long time, we’re here for a good time” We all instantly started laughing,  and that was a pretty wholesome moment he just wanted me to have fun, and succeed, a guy I’ve known for an hour or so was rooting for me, and when I smacked a perfect shot off the tee, we all celebrated together.

So, for me golf is about celebrating each other regardless of our differences, wanting to see a complete stranger succeed, and having good wholesome fun with people who are different from you.

The feeling you got reading this, that feeling you’ve gotten when you chip in from the sand and everyone in your group celebrates for you, or that feeling you get when you see your playing partner having a rough day so you try to cheer them up, that is what Verde stands for.

So let’s all start celebrating each other a little more.

Alex Villafranca



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